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The Orthodox Nationalist: Ethnic Nationalism in the Eurasianist Vision – TON 120920

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson contrasts the civic nation with the ethno-nation and the different societies they produce.

Today's broadcast returns to a familiar topic: the nature of the ethnos and the traditional, organic nations they create. This is defined through the Eurasian lens, one that's solidified the proper definitions of terms and their historical development.

Modern states (nation-states) are civic entities. They are based entirely on commerce and ruled over by the bourgeoisie, the cancer of natural social life. The eternal enemy of the ethnos is the speculator: the rootless, cosmopolitan merchant living off the labor of others while providing nothing himself.

Ethnicity is not the foundation of social life, it is social life tout court. What derives from the ethnos is the People, or the traditional ethno-nation, the People becoming aware of itself as an historical actor. Its opposite is the modern “nation-state,” the legal structure of “civil society,” or the rule of commercial interests and the foundation of oligarchy.

The recent work of Alexander Dugin, especially his recently published “Ethnos and Society” (Arktos Books, 2018, English language edition) is referenced to make clearer the technical definitions of terms commonly misunderstood in these discussions. Understanding the terminology of ethnic movements is essential to avoid the confusion the cosmopolitans use to destroy and derail any rational discussion on the matter.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Ethnic Nationalism in the Eurasianist Vision – TON 120920


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