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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Great Reset – TON 121620

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson uses only primary sources to document this ideological revolution, in reaction to so few bothering to read them.

"The Great Reset" is a fairly old idea only now given mainstream credence due to the Covid-19 hoax. Its official spokesman is Klaus Schwab, the founder and CEO of the World Economic Forum in Switzerland which is now the most powerful public gathering of the world's oligarchs. It has the ability to dictate global policy and its goal is to promote and ideologically defend oligarchy.

In short the Great Reset is to eliminate the private ownership of property in exchange for the elimination of private debt. Typical ideas of "employment" and "ownership" will be jettisoned and the "temporary worker," supported by a Universal Basic Income, will take their place.

Every aspect of this can be found in Schwab's writings on the topic on the WEF's website. The centralization of information and the enforcement of public ignorance will be its true foundation. What little there was left of social interaction is now being legislated away. It marks the institutionalization of alienation.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Great Reset – TON 121620


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