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Parish of the Patriots: Kicked Into the Deep End – PP011921

Grandpa Dan encourages showing charity towards de-platformed magapedes and ties it in with 'turning the other cheek'.

Embarking on the “post 100” series of shows, The Parish of the Patriots returns for yet another enlightening and philosophical journey here at Radio Albion. Like any other parish, this show is supported by your voluntary support and if you wish to be a part of that, you can find the information at the bottom of this page.

With the great march on the Capital and the fallout since, we are now watching events unfold that for those of us in the nationalist community, are all too familiar. The larger media apparatus is partaking in the largest doxing operation ever seen! Faces of random Trump supporters have been splashed across TV screens and published in major publications with the stated purpose of identifying them, so they can be subjected to losing their jobs, being demonized and even being made to face federal charges for exercising their first amendment rights.

If this seems familiar it’s because what we are seeing is the same playbook that has been used against nationalists for years. These people who by and large have been clueless to things like this up to now, are getting a crash course in what nationalists have been dealing with for years. They have essentially been kicked into the deep end of the pool and told to either sink or swim. In this, the larger nationalist community is faced with a choice; Do you turn your backs on these people and let them learn the hard way, or do you reach out your hand to try to help them out?

The Christian specific segment this week merges quite nicely with the primary topic of the rest of the show, as we use the choice of whether or not to offer support to the patriots who marched on D.C. to illustrate the true meaning of Jesus’ admonition to “Turn the other cheek”. Like so many other things, “turn the other cheek” has been twisted by the modern cuck church (henceforth referred to as the “MCC”) to the point that it has become unrecognizable from Christ’s original intent.

It is well known that one is forbidden from changing the word of God. This isn’t a warning against misplacing a word or using an incorrect sentence structure. Rather, it is a warning against changing the meaning of God’s word. These people face harsh judgement from the Lord for not only do they march towards hell, they actively work to drag as many others down the path to condemnation as they can.

In these insane times of political and societal upheaval, it is more important than ever to have a refuge of sanity and you will find that refuge here at The Parish of the Patriots.

We are not powerless for the Lord is with us.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: Kicked Into the Deep End – PP011921


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