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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 137 – AAI 010721

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of viking/pagan/folk metal tonight and lyrics to the electronica, as we search for new tunes that reflect the White zeitgeist.

Document Lambda begins with a menacing cyberpunk bassline laced with acid-techno, followed by Atmolifter’s more futuristic flavour of darksynth that is unfortunately over just as it begins.

Air Midnight show their Joy Division influences complete with authentic magnetic tape hiss before more acid influences show themselves in Jed Rabid’s dystopian Novakill remix.

Cult of Neon gets back to a cyberpunk bassline with a new wave melody and Empyres go for a Mike Oldfield style opening, before settling on an industrial backbone with hints of trance.

М8Л8ТХ throw everything into their new single including triumphant Slavic vocals, metal guitars, folk instruments and dance beats, while Erzengel keep the dance beats going with an eighties metal flavour.

Power tool progressive metal riffs next from Arcology and then its time to get your dancing shoes on for Troin’s fiddles, closely followed by Dalriada’s pitch-perfect top speed Hungarian folk metal.

Varang Nord and Mjod add a hardcore element to the folk instruments before Blutlinie drop one square on the target, with a brutal blast of quintessential Germanic RAC.

Icidar go for a majestic sweeping chord sequence with transcendent guitar soloes in a post-black metal style, followed by the chugging riffs and viking chants of Interregnum showing their fondness for Metallica.

The Great Order plays us out sounding like early Led Zeppelin complete with Robert Plant style vocals.

Air Midnight – F-A-R Music
Arcology, Document Lambda, Erzengel, Icidar, The Great Order – Self Released
Atmolifter, Cult of Neon, Jed Rabid – Soundcloud
Blutlinie – PC Records
Dalriada – Unknown
Interregnum – Records DK
М8Л8ТХ – Heretic Camp
Троин – Sound Age Productions
Varang Nord and Mjod - VK

00:59 Document Lambda – Anemoia - Somnum Imperator Remix - NEW
05:08 Atmolifter – Deathmatch - NEW
08:09 Air Midnight - Midnight Air
12:34 Jed Rabid Remix – Novakill – Light - NEW
17:58 Cult of Neon – Witchworks - NEW
21:45 Empyres - No Truth - NEW
26:09 М8Л8ТХ – Did Dub Snop - Temnozor cover – NEW
32:31 Erzengel - Social Media - NEW
37:58 Arcology - Disfigured Belief - NEW
42:31 Троин – Разбойник - NEW
45:48 Dalriada - Autumn Song - NEW
52:11 Varang Nord and Mjod – Yule - NEW
55:55 Blutlinie - Mensch 3.0 – NEW
02:02 Icidar - The First Beauty (Lustre Cover) - NEW
06:29 Interregnum - Des Menschen Bürde - NEW
12:26 The Great Order – Far Away – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 137 – AAI 010721


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