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Parish of the Patriots: Chaos to a Fragile System – PP 020221

Grandpa Dan looks at how chaos destroys order and predicts a whole lot of chaos being the result of the Biden administration.

As we seek shelter from the storm once again at The Parish of the Patriots we welcome our congregation with open arms. Financial support from the listeners is much appreciated. All financial support is purely voluntary and it is but an elite few that continue to pay their tithes. If you would like to join this elite, that information can be found at the bottom of this page.

Things are getting more chaotic, of that there can be no doubt. The corruption of the current system is now so blatant as to be insulting. We have the man who played the Ricky Vaughn character on Twitter years ago arrested and facing prison time for memes and jokes from an account that hasn’t existed in years. We have a single FBI agent punished for their role in acquiring a fraudulent warrant in order to spy on the political opposition and receiving a year’s probation and a $100 fine. Chaos is reigning on Wall Street as people on the internet discover how to cost hedge funds billions of dollars using the very rules that those same hedge funds take advantage of to skim wealth from the economy. While the current system may seem insurmountable, the reality is that it is actually quite fragile. It is down to relying on intimidation and fear in order to maintain itself. It is fragile in the face of chaos and the more they clamp down on the people, the more chaos will be introduced which could potentially cause the entire edifice to come crashing down.

In the Christian specific message this week, we look at the story of Gideon and events that led up to his defeat of a vast army of diversity with a mere 300 men. How did things get to that point to begin with? As usual, the people had turned their backs on the Lord and committed evil in His sight. What had to happen before the Lord delivered them? The altars (evil) they had built up for themselves had to be torn down. Did the Lord deliver the people in the end? Yes, but in a manner in which they had to be dragged to their deliverance kicking and screaming. This had to be so in order that the glory would be to the Lord. In the end, how was a vast army of diversity defeated by a mere troupe of 300 men? They simply introduced chaos to the enemy camp.

Scripture reference for this week will be:

Judges 6:1, Judges 6:27-31, Judges 7:2-7, Judges 7:16-22

You are not powerless.

The entire system is built upon lies.

Wield the sword of truth.

God is with us.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: Chaos to a Fragile System – PP 020221


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