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Parish of the Patriots: What Are They Selling Us? – PP 021621

Grandpa Dan asks what the government are selling us before looking at Jesus’ temptation by the Devil.

The Parish of the Patriots is the coziest show on the internet, ready for you to cozy right up and join the congregation as we delve once again into the truth. This show is supported voluntarily by the listeners. If you wish to be a part of that (and you are highly encouraged to) then you can find that information at the bottom of this page.

Whether you are watching TV, listening to the radio or driving down the road in your car, you are being subjected to some form of marketing all the time. When you turn the TV on for the weather forecast, the advertisements are obvious but the real marketing starts when the news comes back on. Whether it be doom floo, vaccines, domestic terrorism or whatever, they are trying to sell you something at the same time. We will take a look at that this week and ask “What are they selling us?”

In the Christian specific segment Reverend Dan will be taking a look at the temptation of Jesus. This event wasn’t just something Jesus had to go through, it serves as an illustration for us as well. Jesus had to spend time in the desert being tempted by Satan, because this was a part of God’s purpose and we should not be surprised to learn that as children of God, we too must spend our time in the desert.

Because of this, we would do well to understand the language and tactics that Satan uses, as they have proven to be quite effective and you can rest assured that he will be using them again. Once you are familiar with them, you will be prepared to counter them.

Bible reference this week will be Luke 4:1-14

We are in the middle of a long cold winter in more ways than one. If one is to survive the winter, one of the first requirements is shelter. In this long cold winter of disinformation and lies, be thankful you have a warm and cozy place to take shelter right here, at The Parish of the Patriots.

This is your training. This is your preparation. Don’t stop running.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: What Are They Selling Us? – PP 021621


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