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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 142 – AAI 021121

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of old school styles on the show tonight, plus powerful vocals, folk metal, synthwave and some old friends of the network.

Wolfschanze opens with a sub-bass workout under a Tubular Bells type melody, followed by Xuji Sunset bringing back the Vanguard vibes from Trump’s first year in office.

Olivia Key sings the best song of the year so far and her most powerful one yet, full of emotion and love for our people, before Tapecult takes us back to dystopia with a spooky darksynth number.

Fix8Sed8 add an industrial influence with verse and chorus, while Forerunnerx turn compression up to the max with reverse recorded snares and distorted bass.

Ektomorph start with acoustic guitars before going full Metallica mode, while Gnet go for a shoegazing vibe with black metal screams and a catchy lead guitar riff.

Incursed bring us back into the light with a cheerful tin whistle folk metal romp, followed by triumphant bagpipes and black metal from Daius, sounding a little like Ruadh.

Zofos have a frantic drummer using every part of his kit, with music sounding similar to their kinsmen Wolfnacht, before old friend of the show 14 Sacred Words tightens up the production with a metalcore blast.

Gjallarhorn show their Maiden influence with bass and guitar mirroring each other before heading into early Rush territory and Fathomage finish up with an acoustic instrumental ballad.

14 Sacred Words – OPOS Records
Daius, Ektomorph, Fathomage, Forerunnerx, Incursed, Zofos, Гнёт – Self Released
Fix8Sed8 – Dependent
Gjallarhorn – Gjallarhorn.org
Olivia Key – Youtube
Wolfschanze – Unreleased
Xuji Sunset – Neon Retro Records

00:59 Wolfschanze - Subwoofer Serenade - NEW
05:08 Xuji Sunset - Endless Sunset - NEW
09:21 Olivia Key – Heroes - NEW
15:29 Tapecult – Freaks - NEW
19:36 Fix8Sed8 - Unknown to Virtue - NEW
25:16 Forerunnerx - Neon Blood – NEW
28:55 Ektomorph - Where the Hate Conceives – NEW
34:40 Гнёт – Тлеть – NEW
39:09 Incursed - Souls on Fire - NEW
44:18 Daius – Ascuns – NEW
55:15 Zofos - Typhaon (Storm over Cape Tainaron) – NEW
02:11 14 Sacred Words – NS or Death - NEW
06:21 Gjallarhorn - Memories Nightmares Ash - NEW
14:54 Fathomage - Autumn's Eve in Valaam - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 142 – AAI 021121


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