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The Daily Nationalist: Toby Young Supports ‘Boo Like Millwall’ – DN 022321

Sven Longshanks praises Toby Young’s Free Speech Union for supporting football fans that ‘Boo like Millwall’.

Black Lives Matter are clearly a political movement and their solutions to racism are all left wing socialist solutions.

On top of that they desecrate our monuments and their knee gesture was begun by Colin Kapernick refusing to stand for the national anthem.

Players are banned from showing support for anything political on the pitch, so the fans quite rightly have been booing at them when they see it.

Many have been kicked out for doing so, but they now have the Free Speech Union fighting for them to be allowed back in.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Toby Young Supports ‘Boo Like Millwall’ – DN 022321


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