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The Daily Nationalist: Why We Are Not Anti-Semites – DN 020121

Sven Longshanks addresses accusations made that Radio Albion is ‘anti-Semitic’ in a new government report.

The report appears to be based on conversation from a podcast made five years ago when the network was still under the editorial policy of ‘The Daily Stormer’ and was not even called ‘Radio Albion’.

The views of the Radio Albion hosts have evolved and matured since then, along with those of our listeners and whatever was said back then, should not be taken as representative of our views today or our editorial policy, which is now our own.

Radio Albion is not anti-Semitic and we do not begrudge the Jews their successes of the last century, as that would be very un-gentlemanly and mean being a bad sport.

Our concerns are with our own extended kinship group and our failure to even acknowledge the challenge, let alone rise to it.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Why We Are Not Anti-Semites – DN 020121


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