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The Orthodox Nationalist: Metropolitan Damaskin – TON 021721

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the life’s work of his own personal Bishop, who has just passed away.

On January 30, 2021, Metropolitan Damaskin (Balabanov, 1956-2021), Dr. Johnson's bishop in Moscow, reposed in the lord at the age of 65. While totally unknown by Orthodox people in the west, Damaskin was a profound theologian and political writer.

The essence of his political mission was to show how the fall of the Russian throne was the responsibility not merely of the western bakers, the British government, the Talmudists and Masons, but also of all those who refused to actively defend it. The population as a whole bears responsibility, as we do in our own country today. He was a modern day prophet in the same line as Amos, Ezekiel and Jeremiah.

Having himself been arrested several times in the 1980s for organizing anti-Soviet labor unions in the Ural steel mills, he built his political and theological vision in prison. He pointed out that in 1917 “not a single Russian bishop stood in Truth. Even the most important monarchists and clerical theologians turned out to be apostate traitors or, at best, worthless chatterers. Not a single Orthodox bishop was found who would have followed the example of Patriarch St. Hermogenes. Their status and vaunted learning turned out to be exaggerated and completely useless.” The monarchy fell in no small part because it was abandoned for the sake of respectability and convenience.

In March of 1917, the entire synod, including St. Tikhon (then bishop of Lithuania), actively supported the provisional Government and encouraged its overthrow of the monarchy. The synod itself isn't a guarantee of truth. Bishops are often more corrupt than anyone else, especially today, where the pressure to conform can be overwhelming.

Damaskin wrote “After the overthrow of the Tsar, the Synod not only refused to anathematize the revolutionaries, but itself set an example of servile loyalty to the Masonic Provisional Government, calling on the rest of the Orthodox Russian people for the same obedience to the godless regime.”
Our struggle is a lonely and a thankless one.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Metropolitan Damaskin – TON 021721


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