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The Orthodox Nationalist: Narcissism, the Regime and our Sanity I – TON 022421

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at how we can remain stable while the world around us falls apart.

In 2021, those seeking the truth will be vilified, slandered, attacked, assaulted, bankrupted, imprisoned, humiliated and mocked relentlessly for no other reason than their refusal to bend the knee to official liberalism.

Liberalism has been and will always be a violent, irrational and totalitarian ideology. The Regime – the ruling class – is aware of this. Because of this awareness, these elites and their supporters have learned to cope with this. It's called  Narcissism.

Unless we understand this disease at both a political and personal level, we will find ourselves being unable to function at any level, let alone effectively organize against it.

This broadcast deals with this concept at the individual, spiritual and political levels. Since mental illness is now institutionalized politically, religiously, economically and individually, it's about time that someone actually addressed the question of how we're to keep emotionally balanced while surrounded by insanity. How can we remain sane under such tyranny?

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Narcissism, the Regime and our Sanity I – TON 022421


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