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Parish of the Patriots: Self Hatred and the Lie of Loving Others – PP 033021

Grandpa Dan goes through the week’s letters to the show before discussing the hypocrisy shown in the coverage of mass shootings.

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The media along with social media virtue signallers were all excited at the thought of a White man gunning down a bunch of people before they discovered that actually, it wasn’t a White man. It speaks volumes on their mindset that they could take glee from the deaths of others, just so long as those deaths could be used for the anti-White race hating agenda.

They claim “Black Lives Matter!” but in reality, they only matter when a White person can be blamed. Those lives don’t matter at all when they can’t be used to promote hatred towards Whites.

In the Christian specific segment we will be looking at how people lie to themselves and others when they claim to be following Jesus’ command to “..love thy neighbor as thyself”. While many will virtue signal about loving their neighbor, they completely disregard the whole “..as thyself” part.

Remember, in the Bible there is no empty emotionalism. Thus, love in the biblical sense is equated to the way that you actually treat people (and yourself) it is not simply empty words.

The Bible verse this week will be Mark 12:30-31. Do not cheat other people, but also don’t cheat yourself.  You should treat others with respect, but you should also expect the same in return. We are not required to forgive the unrepentant.

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Parish of the Patriots: Self Hatred and the Lie of Loving Others – PP 033021


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