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Patriotic Weekly Review: Jared George – PWR 032421

Jared George joins Mark Collett and No White Guilt for a new episode of Patriotic Weekly Review.

Jared George is also The Great Order and used to co-host This Week on the Alt-Right before co-hosting with No White Guilt on TAP.

Jared likes to look at meta-politics and helps to flesh out our ideas, following their influence into all aspects of life.

He has recently started publishing his original music and one of his songs is played.

Mark talks about how talented and creative our community are and how our ideas are finding new cultural expressions.

Other subjects covered include the Lawrence Fox, corruption in the SNP and the Sturgeon confidence vote.

Also the importance of presentation and using neutral language to get our message across.

Presented by Mark Collett and No White Guilt

Patriotic Weekly Review: Jared George – PWR 032421


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