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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 146 – AAI 031121

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of variety on the show tonight and plenty from the White Art Collective, as we showcase the best new music made by those of European extraction.

Nullus begins with spoken word and Wagner, followed by Uberfolk with operatic vocals and classical overtones.

Mythical Vigilante is back with a slow paced electro-groove and Asmodai bring witch house to the show for the first time.

The Saint Paul make catchy synthpop with a gothic influence on the vocals, complimented by BlackSunDreamer’s up-tempo new beat number.

Synapsyche upcycle old rave sounds into an industrial stomper, while System Noire speed the kick drum up for a techno blast.

For Null rounds the section off with a funky garage groove and Pagan Forest break the guitars out in early Black Sabbath style.

Imminent Reign shows off his astounding vocal range, contrasting with the down-to-earth punk of Überzeugungstäter Vogtland.

Utmarken play proud Finnish fiddles in the snow, while Stormtide are sunning theirs on the beach in Australia with a power metal backing.

Sturmwehr & Blitzkrieg’s melodic RAC chorus leads us into a punching the air metal section finale from Silent Line, before Hiraeth and Emily Youcis finish the show by pounding the drums in the music shop.

Asmodai – Untitled Burial
BlackSunDreamer, Pagan Forest – Self Released
For Null, Hiraeth and Emily Youcis, Mythical Vigilante – Soundcloud
Imminent Reign, Nullus, Uberfolk – Youtube
Silent Line – Silentline.band
Stormtide – Metal Hell Records
Sturmwehr & Blitzkrieg - Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede
Synapsyche – Alfa Matrix
The Saint Paul – Infacted Recordings
Überzeugungstäter Vogtland – PC Records
Utmarken – Utmarken.net

01:10 Nullus – Bend the Knee - NEW
05:44 Uberfolk – Imperium Aeturnum - NEW
09:04 Mythic Vigilante – Clearasil - NEW
12:51 Asmodai - Manifestation of Light - NEW
17:10 The Saint Paul - We Care - NEW
21:17 BlackSunDreamer – Attacks - NEW
25:04 Synapsyche - Hate and Psyche – RERELEASE
30:12 System Noire - New Dark Nation (Alien Vampires Remix) – NEW
34;13 For Null – Guitar Groove 1 - NEW
36:07 Pagan Forest – Bogu - NEW
42:02 Imminent Reign – Accalobain Ledolin - NEW
49:57 Überzeugungstäter Vogtland – Vorwärts - NEW
53:23 Utmarken - Svåra år - NEW
57:46 Stormtide – Awakening - NEW
01:54 Sturmwehr & Blitzkrieg - Heidnischer Psalm - NEW
05:53 Silent Line - Blood of the North - NEW
11:07 Hiraeth and Emily Youcis – Metamorphosis – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 146 – AAI 031121


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