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The Daily Nationalist: Russian Military Superiority – DN 031121

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson hosts a solo episode looking at Russia’s military strategy.

Today's broadcast explores the uncomfortable truth of NATO's weakness. In a recent article published in Defense 24, a Polish language journal, Gen. Waldemar Skrzypczak stated that Russian forces could take the Baltics in any war with NATO. This would give Russia a great position to take Central Europe and points west.

Skrzypczak is former head of the Polish land forces and a military adviser to the Polish government. In other words, he admits that NATO is militarily vulnerable and increasingly weak. He's far from the only military expert claiming this, as this broadcast will show.

Afterwards, western sources went bonkers, somehow accusing Russians of wanting “global hegemony.” The hysterical reaction might be warranted at least at some level. The painful truth is that Russia has a superior military to NATO, and that doesn't even take into account their Chinese ally.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Daily Nationalist: Russian Military Superiority – DN 031121


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