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Parish of the Patriots: They’re All in Collusion – PP 042721

Grandpa Dan looks at the Covid jabs, before talking about how we are never tested more than we can bear, or more than we deserve.

It’s time to gather the congregation once again at The Parish of the Patriots. This show is supported by the tithes of the congregation. If you wish to be a part of that you can find the information at the bottom of the page.

We are already hearing anecdotal evidence of people dying among other ill effects from the doom floo mystery DNA vaccine. The very same establishment that told us people dying in car wrecks were really dying of Covid are now telling us that death within 28 days of the mystery shot is just pure coincidence.

Once again we see how the media, the corporations and the government are all using the new religion of scientism to put forth the same agenda. Where the government might not enforce something, it will be done by the corporations and the conservatives will say that this is fine, because it’s not the government doing it but the “private sector”. These are not separate entities acting autonomously. They may have different roles at different times, but they all work in collusion promoting the agenda of the oligarchy.

In our Christian specific segment we will discuss the fact that Christ does not give us tasks that we are incapable of carrying out. The tasks he gives us may seem daunting at times, causing us to fall into a mindset that we are somehow going above and beyond what is required of us by the Lord. Yet at the end of the day, we are doing nothing more than our duty.

The Lord will make sure we have the appropriate resources needed to carry out that duty and He will provide a way. He will not give us a task that is beyond our capability. When we get off task, He will correct us, not out of anger or spite but out of love and a desire to prevent behaviors that ultimately lead to destruction and a dereliction of duty.

Bible reference this week will be: Mathew 17:7-10

Rejoice in the rebuke of the Lord, for no man disciplines and corrects the behaviors of another man’s child. The rebuke of the Lord is a reminder that we belong to Him.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: They’re All in Collusion – PP 042721


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