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Parish of the Patriots: White People Don’t Want Your Help – PP 042021

Grandpa Dan ask why White people run into problems the minute we start speaking up for our own.

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There is nothing wrong with racial advocacy, Blacks advocating on behalf of Blacks, Jews advocating on behalf of Jews or the various shades of Brown people advocating on behalf of their own. So why is it wrong for Whites to advocate for Whites? Why is it we are told it is the most evil thing ever and must entail hating other races?

This is the overriding message of our society today….and it works. As a result of this, we find the vast majority of Whites reject the idea of anyone advocating for them. Death appears preferable to them rather than be called a bunch of non-definable names.

Is this show unapologetically pro-White? Yes, it is, but even more so this show is unapologetically pro-truth.

In the sermon this week, we will discuss the great sifting that is taking place. Christ has allowed a situation to come about where believers are given no choice but to rally to Him. There is no man coming to fix everything for us. There will be no voting to change the course of this clown show. We will either rally to Christ or we will fall away.

Too often we think that Jesus is simply separating the wheat from the weeds and it is just about dividing those of those world from those who are of Him. Yet he is separating and sifting among the believers as well. Those  who are willing to stick it out for His name, from those who are simply going to go along with this world while voicing empty platitudes about following Christ.

Remember how Satan was able to convince a significant number of angels to join him in rebellion against God. In this context, it only makes sense that the Lord wishes to recruit only those who have proven their ability to persevere against temptation and remain true to Him.

Bible verse this week will be: Revelation 3:14-22

You will screw up. You will backslide. You will get discouraged. You will also win…as long as you don’t give up.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: White People Don’t Want Your Help – PP 042021


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