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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 150 – AAI 040821

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Some interesting subjects touched upon in the lyrics this week, as we check out the latest Pro-White and Passive-White contributions to the alternative music scene.

Art Noir begin with thoughtful lyrics and female vocals over darksynth, followed by a menacing acid bassline and system disrupting samples from Black Light Odyssey.

Das Werk show a dark disco influence with rave overtones, lightened up by Mythical Vigilante’s retro vibes and truth community challenge.

Implant go for bouncy electro beats and a warning about Artificial Intelligence, before Miel Noir’s new wave discourse on hate takes over with suitably incisive vocals.

Thumbscrew pogo their way into the second half with a catchy oi! workout, leaving it to Biopsyhoz to keep the crowd jumping White Zombie style.

Sturmrebellen’s sharp production and tight riffing shows why they are one of the best German RAC bands, while Nodfyr take the pace down a notch for a Dutch doom metal number with Orthodox chanting.

Welsh metallers Defod emerge from the mists with a viking feel and a tribute to the ancient landscape, before Mandragora liven things up again with melodic death metal and disgust at their own family’s behaviour.

Silent Winter’s majestic soloes and multi-layered chorus with Judas Priest style singing contrasts with the youthful energy of no-frills thrash metal act Connected and their despair at the state of the modern world.

Eoront’s epic atmospheric black metal penultimate number begins with acoustic strumming and plucked harp before going hell for leather and leaving it to WAC favourite Awaiting Dawn to finish the show with tinkling ivories and effects-laden guitar.

Art Noir – Aenaos Records
Black Light Odyssey, Connected, Defod, Miel Noir, Mythical Vigilante, Silent Winter – Self Released
Biopsyhoz – Biopsyhoz.ru
Das Werk – Scanner
Eoront – Drevo Music
Implant – Alfa Matrix
Nodfyr – Van Records
Sturmrebellen – Das Zaeughaus
Thumbscrew – Askania Productions

01:05 Art Noir - All They Left Behind - NEW
07:08 Black Light Odyssey - The System - NEW
11:28 Das Werk – Bombenflug - NEW
15:50 Mythical Vigilante – Truth Handling - NEW
20:25 Implant - I Dont Trust The Machine - NEW
24:29 Miel Noir - My Hate – NEW
28:45 Thumbscrew - Human Waste - NEW
31:39 Biopsyhoz - Stand Into the Pose - NEW
35:28 Sturmrebellen - Was Wirklich Zählt - NEW
39:42 Nodfyr – Wording - NEW
45:19 Defod – Portal - NEW
49:54 Mandragora - Hatred for My Kin - NEW
56:11 Silent Winter - Hunter's Oath – NEW
02:52 Connected - The Degeneration - NEW
07:45 Eoront - Gods Have No Home
18:05 Awaiting Dawn – A Pale Light – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 150 – AAI 040821


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