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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 153 – AAI 042921

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

The best new tunes from openly Nationalist musicians and others who show a European heritage in their music.

Uberfolk begin with passionate call and response vocals backed by a string quartet, with Blackthorn later adding spooky piano riffs and falsetto soloes.

Eighties acid basslines next with Suicidal Romance leading us into the ‘Daft Punk with a darker edge’ syncopated rhythms of AKMV-18.

Cassetter add an anthemic chorus to a cyberfunk backing, before Dav Dralleon chops up the soundwaves in the way only he knows how.

Inhalt Der Nacht make an appearance again with hypnotic kick drums and shakers accompanied by electro brass and a swarm of digital crickets.

Kauan gently recover with tinkling ivories on a moonlit beach, before Aetheria Consientia bring exotic percussion and blackened psychedelia to the party.

More familiar melodies and a bierkeller chorus from Dartagnan take us into the motivational lyrics and acoustic sequences of Fortress, followed by Sylvatica’s stupendous power metal with soaring soloes.

Nordsind wind us down with an atmospheric blackgaze showpiece of guitar wizadry, before Sturmwehr finish the show with English riffs and German lyrics.

AKMV-18, Aetheria Conscientia, Blackthorn, Dav Dralleon, Nordsind, Sylvatica – Self Released
Cassetter – Soundcloud
Dartagnan – Dartagnan.de
Fortress – Internet Release
Inhalt der Nacht – Lebendig
Kauan – Artoffact Records
Suicidal Romance – Alfa Matrix
Uberfolk – Youtube

00:59 Uberfolk – Domine Spiritus - NEW
06:25 Blackthorn - Posthumous Passion (Chamber Version 2019)
11:44 Suicidal Romance - Runaways (808 Dot mix) – NEW
17:51 AKMV-18 -  Deum Nocte - NEW
23:41 Cassetter - Neon Pills - NEW
28:31 Dav Dralleon - Ultra Mass Krucifixion – NEW
32:46 Inhalt Der Nacht - Gier Frisst Seele (Peryl Remix) – NEW
39:01 Kauan – Ote – NEW
46:47 Aetheria Conscientia - Liturgy for the Ekzunreh – NEW
55:43 Dartagnan - Feuer & Flamme – NEW
59:19 Fortress - Stand Up – RERELEASE
01:43 Sylvatica – Creation – NEW
08:03 Nordsind – Drømmefanger – NEW
15:10 Sturmwehr – Jugend – RERELEASE

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 153 – AAI 042921


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