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The Orthodox Nationalist: A Jacobin Plot in Belarus – TON 042121

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson gives details of the foiled coup and explains why Belarus is being targeted for regime change.

Last weekend, the Russian FSB and Belarusian KGB discovered a secret cell plotting to take over the Belorussian government. They had financial support from the CIA and the major banks and were openly plotting to murder President Lukashenko, his entire family and the entire cabinet. The entire ruling party was to be liquidated by what the conspirators called the “Committee of Concord.”

Aleksandr Feduta and Yury Zenkovich, an American lawyer, were the two main plotters. The recorded meetings spoke of the rapid slaughter of the cabinet and the “cleansing” of the media, courts and much of the ruling party for the sake of their own financial gain.

Lukashenko's incredible economic and social success is an embarrassment to the west, with unemployment at roughly 0.2 percent and zero debt. As Belarus is a key Russian ally, it is being targeted to begin a massive war to destroy its prosperous, Russian-based economic infrastructure.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: A Jacobin Plot in Belarus – TON 042121


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