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Parish of the Patriots: The Cult of Woke – PP052521

Grandpa Dan talks about the ever-shrinking morality box of the cult of woke.

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The ruling elites use many different legions in their attack on society and one of those legions is the cult of woke. Many will dismiss wokism as just a silly or harmless fad, yet who would dismiss a cult as harmless? This week we will be taking a look at why wokism is a cult and how it functions in the same way as other cults.

In the Christian specific segment we’ll be talking about not by burdened by that which does not exist, namely your past or your future. The fact of the matter is, if you live in the “right now” following the Lord, that pattern will build up until you’ve lived an entire life like that. When you tie yourself to the past or the future you miss the opportunity to do what you need to do in the only time that you actually have, which is right now.

Bible reference this week is Psalms 103: 8-18

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Parish of the Patriots: The Cult of Woke – PP052521


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