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Parish of the Patriots: Escaping the Bonds of Debt Slavery – PP 051121

Grandpa Dan looks at ways to extract yourself from the system before explaining why the system is satanic.

The Parish of the Patriots isn’t simply a show, it’s a congregation of hope. This show relies on the financial support of its listeners and if you wish to be a part of that, you can find the information at the bottom of this page.

One of the key elements of control in this corrupt system is the use of debt slavery. Virtually everyone in the West today is in bondage to this system. Yet, there is indeed a way out. You can check out of the bondage, but you will never escape the system by doing the very things that kept you locked into it in the first place. This week, we will hit some of the basic things you can do to extricate yourself from the debt slavery system that keeps you under the thumb.

In the Christian specific segment we will be working towards understanding exactly what defines the society around us as satanic. While people will often state this, when asked in what specific way they will often point to some singular evil such as child trannys. Yet this is just a single tree in the forest so to speak.

The overall sign of this being a satanic society is the sheer chaos. We are constantly being presented with any number of different things that when viewed separately may be evil, but when observed collectively they create a situation of society-wide chaos.

Satan is the bringer of chaos and the Lord is the bringer of order. Thus, a society that is immersed in chaos is by extension a satanic society.

Both your shelter and your weapon in a chaotic satanic society is Jesus Christ.

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Parish of the Patriots: Escaping the Bonds of Debt Slavery – PP 051121


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