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Parish of the Patriots: Urban Life and Racial Strife – PP 050421

Grandpa Dan looks at the relationship between urbanisation and dissatisfaction with life.

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As we observe the downward spiral of our clown world society, one of the key elements is the racial strife being stirred up domestically and a requirement for this to take place is urbanization. None of it would be possible without that.

We will also discuss the negative returns from remaining on social media as well as some of the ominous signs of growing conflict with Russia and China.

In the Christian specific segment we will be looking at the ingredients necessary for setting you up for an encounter with Satan. Understand this; Satan isn’t going to send a messenger to you like in a Hollywood movie. Instead, you will find one dressed as a friend or possibly even as a family member. The best way to deal with an encounter like this is to avoid setting up the conditions for one in the first place.

Bible reference this week will be: 2 Samuel: 13

Something you desire only becomes a problem when you allow it to consume you.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: Urban Life and Racial Strife – PP 050421


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