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Patriotic Weekly Review: Patrick Slattery – PWR 050521

Mark Collett and Jason Kohne welcome Dr Patrick Slattery back to the show to discuss Biden’s new legal theft law.

The usurper is bringing in a law that will enable the regime to seize as much property as they wish from anyone that disagrees with the political stance of the establishment.

This is being done under the guise of fighting election interference from Russia.

All they have to do is allege that a blog or podcast is promoting a different narrative to CNN in order claim this. 

Patrick points out that Rudy Guiliani has been raided under a similar excuse, accused of lobbying for a foreign agent without a license.

Nick Fuentez has also been added to a no-fly list, previously only used for Al Quaida and ISIS.

Presented by Mark Collett and Jason Kohne

Patriotic Weekly Review: Patrick Slattery – PWR 050521


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