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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 154 – AAI 050621

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

European artists, European genres and proud Nationalists making great music is what this podcast is all about.

JD Solway begins with a melancholic piano recital followed by Uberfolk showing a Stranglers ‘Golden Brown’ type vibe, as they twirl around in the forest for their new video.

Amalec return with a church organ heavy remix of a St Friendship/Jack Hwite classic, followed by Echoberyl’s perfectly crafted synthpop with a menacing edge and well suited vocal style.

AKMV-18 blasts back in with the stand out track from his new EP, reminiscent of his Xurious remix and heading off into hard trance territory near the end.

Olhava help us recover with an ambient meditative piece that feels like a forest clearing, before building up the power chords for Stormbreker’s Johnny Cash style chorus with a doom metal backing track.

Vexillum hit the high notes with lead guitars and Rob Halford style vocals, before Macht & Ehre let the riffs lead the way with more of a US punk influence.

Weg des Erwachens bring hardcore vibes and a shouted chorus followed by frenzied Irish fiddles and chunky chord sequences from Cernunnos.

Skylord keep the pedal to the floor throwing influences in from everywhere at breakneck speed, while Nordsind slow the pace but keep up the power for a deliciously jangly post-black metal outing.

The bell tolls for Fenris Vrede’s dungeon synth intro and heavenly choirs, before the viking metal kicks in and Sylvatica’s staccato riffs and string section take us close to the end.

Will Stanley’s bluegrass banjo doodles see us out this week.

AKMV-18, Olhava, Skylord, Sylvatica, Stormbreker,   – Self Released
Amalec – Soundlcoud
Cernnunnos – Dark Tunes Music Group
Echoberyl – Cold Transmission Music
JD Solway, Will Stanley – Patriotic Alternative
Macht & Ehre – Das Zeughaus
Weg des Erwachens – Rebel Records
Uberfolk – Youtube
Vexillum – Scarlet Records

01:08 JD Solway – The Spirit of Our Ancestors - NEW
03:49 Uberfolk – Arcadia – NEW VIDEO
08:29 Amalec - Mother Klara - NEW
11:26 Echoberyl - A Prey (Glissando Remix) - NEW
16:46 AKMV-18 - Knight Errant – NEW
24:55 Olhava – Adrift – NEW
32:51 Stormbreker – Richtingloos - NEW
37:07 Vexillum - Sons of a Wolf – NEW
42:06 Macht & Ehre – Zielscheiben - NEW
45:42 Weg des Erwachens - Weg des Erwachens – NEW
49:28 Cernunnos – Durno - NEW
52:32 Skylord - Летнее Пламя – NEW
58:33 Nordsind - Portræt I Skygger – NEW
03:16 Fenris Vrede – Torden - NEW
09:34 Sylvatica - Pillars of Light - NEW
16:00 Will Stanley – Fly Away My Pretty Little Miss – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 154 – AAI 050621


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