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The Orthodox Nationalist: Grosseteste’s Ontology of Light – TON 051921

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson explains a medieval theory of physics that would have changed history, had it been accepted during the renaissance.

Robert Grosseteste (Bishop of Lincoln, 1168–1253), is one of the most brilliant cosmologists in European history. His theory of Light served as the western analogue to the essence/energy distinction of St. Gregory Palamas and Simeon the New Theologian.

This broadcast deals with the very obscure and difficult physics of Light. Light is the principle of reality, form and truth. Creation was the outward expression of Light diffused throughout the cosmos (Genesis 1:3). Light, speaking broadly, makes things understandable.

Grosseteste’s cosmology enshrines truth, the universal and hierarchy as the center of reality.

The scientific world was on the cusp of a revolution as the Middle Ages drew to a close. His physics of Light was a powerful contender, but at the end of the Renaissance, the elite in London promoted Thomas Hobbes instead and Robert was quietly forgotten.

The western world would be unrecognizable today had Grosseteste, rather than Hobbes (and later, Newton), become the dominant paradigm for physics. Hobbes posited a meaningless, random, materialist cosmos ruled over by the Leviathan, the initiated elite. This is the Regime's view even today.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Grosseteste’s Ontology of Light – TON 051921


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