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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Myth of Tiananmen Square – TON 052621

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson takes a closer look at the world famous instance of alleged Chinese state oppression.

Today, one of the main causes of the FOX News crowd is provoking a war with China and one of the many myths they trot out to justify this is the 1989 “Massacre” at the Tiananmen Square in Peking. Only there was no massacre, it was the creation of a single BBC video allegedly made at the time.

This podcast explains the evidence, the absurdity of the media view and the context of the story. This “massacre” was one of the first post-Cold War “Color Revolution” stories and yet again, the elite media showed itself to be mendaciously unreliable.

The media has no obligation to tell the truth. Rather, their job is to write a compelling narrative. They are part of the entertainment complex, not a source for political analysis.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Myth of Tiananmen Square – TON 052621


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