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Parish of the Patriots: Fauci the Car Salesman of the Pandemic – PP 060821

Grandpa Dan looks at the Fauci email scandal before discussing going on the offensive.

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One of the big stories this past week has been the Anthony Fauci emails. Much is being made of this in normiecon circles as some sort of vindication. However Fauci is nothing more than a paid employee of the oligarchy. He simply relays whatever message it is that he has been told to spread.

Many are falling into the trap of thinking the doom virus may have come from a weapons lab. This is just to to ratchet up the anti-China talk. If you look at the big picture, it’s the oligarchy that wants conflict with Russia and China. Keeping this in mind, it stands to reason that if you come to a conclusion that leads you to support what the oligarchy wants, then you’ve probably fallen for some sort of bait.

In the Christian specific segment we will be discussing several topics which may help in your day to day Christian faith. Satan always follows a pattern of attempting to mimic what the Lord does. However because Satan has no truth in him, this mimicry winds up being an inverted version of what God has done. We will look at several examples of that this week.

We will also talk about the need for Christians to become offensive. That’s right; as a Christian believer it is way past time to be offensive! Too often believers fall into the trap of trying to defend their positions to people who deserve nothing more than mockery. This week we will indulge in some of this mockery.

You are not obligated to defend your beliefs to idiots.

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Parish of the Patriots: Fauci the Car Salesman of the Pandemic – PP 060821


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