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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 158 – AAI 061021

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

The best new music by European artists, with a focus on Hungarians and the soundtrack genre this week.

Strings, brass and seventies style rock opens the show with Birovius at the helm, later swapping places with Mythical Vigilante for a more synth-heavy take on the soundtrack format.

Mental Minority plays an up-tempo ambient piece with swirls of inter-galactic strings, before Revizia brings a cyber punk influence to the electro beats.

Hard industrial next with Nachtmahr preparing the ears for Toxigen’s rave-punk audio dynamite and Vottovaara’s monster riff-laden signature tune.

Romantikus Eroszak and the Carpathian Brigade enlist the terraces for a Hungarian footie anthem, while the Rebells go for a nostalgia hit with a country and western klan favourite.

Back to the chunky riffs with Italian hardcore trio SPQR, followed by trad singing, tin whistle and fiddle from folk metal band Karpatia.

Oak, Ash and Thorn have quite a British feel to their pagan metal offering, while Moongates Guardian finish the section with deep brass and blast beats, but not enough bass!

Ewiger Sturm’s angelic voice finishes the podcast with a heart felt acoustic ballad.

Birovius – Birovian Perspective
Mythical Vigilante – Soundcloud
Mental Minority, Vottovaara, Moongates Guardian – Self Released
Revizia – JST Records
Nachtmahr – Trisol
Toxigen – Purgenband
Romantikus Erőszak és a Carpathian Brigade - Hadak Útja Kiadó
The Rebells – A.S.
SPQR - Rupe Tarpea Produzioni
Karpatia - Karpatiazenekar.hu
Oak, Ash and Thorn – Oakashandthorn.com
Ewiger Sturm – PC Records

01:34 Birovius – Contra Omnes Invictus - NEW
14:56 Mythical Vigilante – The Entering - NEW
19:32 Mental Minority – Frontier - NEW
26:32 Revizia - Cult (Original Mix) - NEW
30:27 Nachtmahr - Beweg Dich! (Infected Sound System Remix) - NEW
34:55 Toxigen - Mosh Yama – NEW
39:02 Vottovaara – Vottovaara - NEW
44:25 Romantikus Erőszak és a Carpathian Brigade - Édes Hazánk itt Vagyunk - NEW
47:33 The Rebells - Johnny Joined The Klan – Re-Edition
50:28 SPQR – Baltikum – NEW
54:22 Karpatia - Ihaj-Csuhaj – NEW
57:35 Oak, Ash and Thorn - Ride! – NEW
03:05 Moongates Guardian - Broken Sword - NEW
08:57 Ewiger Sturm - Ewiger Sturm – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 158 – AAI 061021


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