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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 159 – AAI 061721

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

From classical to black metal, White men make the best music and we showcase it all on this podcast.

Liholesie begins with mouth harp, woodwind and a rural version of the Twin Peaks jazz theme, before transitioning into strings and classical guitar for Aklash.

The Great Order goes for a Led Zep 4 kind of flavour, while Formalin stay with the guitars but add electro beats and arcade noises.

Gor Flsh open with spooky chorus and horns before settling into a Dav Dralleon type groove and Cult of Neon brings us a classy slice of outrun.

Cellhavoc takes us back to the late nineties for a psi-trance number topped off by a slow paced and hypnotic techno-trance number from AKMV-18.

The unique vocal tones of Rome take us into the rock section and the Germanic RAC and crunchy riffs of Heureka, followed by viking metal in a Bloodshed Walhalla style from one-man band Apocalypse.

Wythersake pick up the pace with melodic death metal and a catchy chorus, before Firienholt slow the tempo for a nostalgic ambient black metal piece with keyboards and strings.

Jack Hwyte plays us out honky tonk style, with banjo and Black Bush nourished vocal cords.

Liholesie, Aklash, The Great Order, Cult of Neon, Cellhavoc, AKMV-18 – Self Released
Formalin – Formalinmusic.com
Gor Flsh – Soundcloud
Rome – Trisol
Heureka – PC Records
Apocalypse – Apocalypseband.wixsite.com
Wythersake – Scarlet Records
Firienholt – Naturmacht Productions
Jack Hwyte – Youtube

01:14 Liholesie - Deep of Predawn Skies - NEW
06:58 Aklash - Souls Depart - NEW
12:12 The Great Order – Horizon - NEW
16:36 Formalin – Warzone - NEW
20:41 Gor Flsh - The Devils Work (MORIS BLAK Remix) - NEW
25:16 Cult of Neon – Atonement - NEW
28:52 Cellhavoc - System Shock Theme – NEW
32:51 AKMV-18 - Nocturne No. 2 - NEW
41:02 Rome - Parlez-Vous Hate - NEW
45:36 Heureka - Legt Die Fessel Ab – NEW
50:49 Apocalypse – Pedemontium – NEW
58:27 Wythersake – Iniquity – NEW
04:18 Firienholt -  War Of Wrath, War Of Ruin – NEW
14:35 Jack Hwyte - A Place Where We Can Live Again - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 159 – AAI 061721


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