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The Orthodox Nationalist: BlackRock the Apogee of Liberalism – TON 063021

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson explains in detail how BlackRock extends its control all over the world.

BlackRock, the world's largest multinational investment management corporation, rules the world with an iron fist under the mantle of liberalism.

It has about $50 trillion worth of assets under its control in one form or another making it far more powerful than any government or alliance.

Only nations such as Iran, Russia, China, Armenia, North Korea, Burma, much of Central Asia, Vietnam, Belarus, Venezuela and possibly Switzerland and Hungary are outside of its control, something they find intolerable.

BlackRock dwarfs Soros and even Goldman Sachs as they've already bought up much of their asset base.

They can't be regulated as it does the regulating. They are the law. Capital is far more powerful than the state, and BlackRock is more powerful then the globe's capital taken together, making this a revolution beyond any other.

There's nothing like it in world history and it's controlled by three Jews, Laurence Fink, Blake Grossman and Robert Kapito.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: BlackRock the Apogee of Liberalism – TON 063021


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