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The Orthodox Nationalist: Republicanism and the Italian Renaissance – TON 062321

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at what is meant by the term ‘republic’ and how the Italian ones republics were started.

Modern politics doesn't make any sense unless its basic terms are understood and the universal ignorance of such terms guarantee universal destruction, no matter who rules the state.

There has never been any real workable definition of a republic. Clueless conservatives parrot the slogan that “American is a republic not a democracy,” but few can define either. Usually, the strategy is to connect it to the Bill of Rights and some inherent limitations on the state, although that works for democracies too.

When using the word republic Dr Johnson is referring to a society based on formal, legal equality, where the only thing that matters is making money. Since anyone can make money no aristocracy can exist.

This broadcast summarizes the basic political ideology of the republican systems of Venice and Florence. The former was achieved through the “Marriage of the Sea” ritual and the latter through the domination of the Medici clan.

“Ideology” here does not refer to constitutional language, but the actual functioning of power relations. Republicanism is identical to oligarchy.

Presented by Matt Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Republicanism and the Italian Renaissance – TON 062321


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