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Parish of the Patriots: Groundwork for the Narrative – PP 071321

Grandpa Dan looks at how the Wi Spa trans protests fit into the larger picture, before stressing the importance of never losing hope.

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In clown world we are constantly being presented with overriding narratives. With “wokism” the narrative is that all the outraged promoters of globohomo have gained the immense power that they have to shape the parameters of what is considered acceptable discourse in our society completely unopposed. But this never would have been the case if right wing trolls had not first been banned from social media.

Likewise we are presented a narrative that antifa is a scary group to be feared. A recent example of this one is how they recently showed up to attack people who were protesting the notion that men can go around exposing their dingus to random women and girls at a spa.

The public are presented with images of protesters left bloodied by the scary antifas (yet nobody seems to ask the question of why it is the police seem to never do anything to stop this).

This is only made possible due to the set up known as Charlottesville. Pre-Charlottesville, antifa were being routed by right wing counter protesters everywhere they showed up, which made it impossible to create the current narrative.

However after the observably coordinated efforts by the government, media, courts and police to ensure that only right wing protesters were arrested, vilified and prosecuted, all visible opposition to the narrative was destroyed. The thing to understand here is that our current situation is the result of a systematic step by step agenda by those who rule over us.

In the Christian specific segment we will be discussing attempts at getting us to give up on the one last hope that we have, namely our hope in the Lord. This is because we have now come to the point where there is no hope left without the Lord. Unsurprisingly, they very much wish for us to abandon this hope. In fact, it is fair to say that getting you to abandon your faith and hope in the Lord is the entire point of all this.

Bible reference this week will be Psalm 31

Even as we walk through the valley of the clown, we shall fear no absurdity for the Lord is with us.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: Groundwork for the Narrative – PP 071321


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