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Parish of the Patriots: The Worst Things in Life are Free – PP 072721

Grandpa Dan helps keep you sane while offering good advice on how to kick the porn habit.

The Parish of the Patriots could also be called “The Sanctuary of Sanity” since that is what it is, a sanctuary of sanity in an ever increasingly crazy world. If you wish to put a quarter in the jukebox of sanity (that is financially support this show) you can find out how at the bottom of this page.

While you may barely be getting by as you watch your standard of living go down the toilet, fear not, because Jeff Bezos is rich enough to build a rocket for the lulz and launch himself into space! If you think this comes across as highly offensive since the economy has been strip mined by billionaires, then you must obviously be some sort of communist who hates our freedoms or something.

Our entire lives have been spent watching TV and movies and as a result, we are conditioned to view the world around us like it’s a movie. There is a reason George Soros literally looks like a villain from an eighties B movie. It’s all a show and you are being fed a script. Sadly both liberals and conservatives fail to understand this because they don’t comprehend how the system works.

In the Christian specific segment this week, we will be tackling a very difficult subject: pornography. Usually we go through our Bibles and try to understand how different teachings apply to our lives as Christian believers. However we are told in the Bible that if you simply tell the hungry to “Go and be hungry no more” while not giving them something to eat, your faith is empty because it’s not followed up with deeds.

There has been no shortage of nationalist material proclaiming the ills of pornography and admonishing people to kick the habit. Yet there is precious little material actually showing people how to do that. That changes today! Today we will go through some step by step measures that you can take to rid yourself of porn once and for all.

Sin is like walking through sewage and porn is like stooping in order to kneel down and eat the sewage. Billions have been spent producing both the vaccine and pornography. Yet, both are constantly being offered to us for free. That seems rather strange, does it not?

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: The Worst Things in Life are Free – PP 072721


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