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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 162 – AAI 070821

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of laid back summer tunes on the show tonight by Nationalist artists, before we hit the harder stuff later on.

JD Solway begins with Gilmour style guitar and an ambient tune, followed by Halindir making innovative use of his digital orchestra.

Hiraeth sings over Laura Musica’s harp and Olivia Key belts out her national anthem for July 4th.

Erberderber pours scorn on tracksuit gangsters and the lack of rap musicianship, while Allicorn take an ambient witch house pause from the patriotic poetry.

Drawdy Clan mixes dub with cow-punk, before Tyto Alba cleanses the ears with barbershop surfing melodies.

Van the man laments the fall of western man, while At the Gates settle on death metal pessimism as the last refuge of hope.

We Want War have For Null singing backing vocals to a great hook line and Into the Fray go for groove metal chugathon with melodic soloes.

Blackout relive the NWOBHM with tight production and a fast pace, while Duskmourn add folk influences and praise our connection to the forests.

Stozhar play the stand out track from their new album and Ruadh continues to evolve into full blown symphonic atmospheric black metal.

Spreegeschwader round the podcast off with acoustic RAC.

JD Solway, Erberderber – Patriotic Alternative
Halindir – Soundcloud
Hiraeth and Laura Musica – White Art Collective
Olivia Key – Youtube
ΔLLICØRN, Duskmourn, Стожар, Ruadh – Self Released
Drawdy Clan – Unreleased
Tyto Alba – Patriotic Arts Community
Van Morrison – Exile/BMG
At the Gates – Eclipse Records
We Want War – Tinnitus Records
Into the Fray – Xzona.su
Blackout – Silurian Productions
Spreegeschwader – Das Zeughaus

00:53 JD Solway – Standing Stones - NEW
04:40 Halindir - Comfy XIX - NEW
07:45 Hiraeth and Laura Musica – I Wouldn’t Change a Thing - NEW
11:25 Olivia Key - Star Spangled Banner - NEW
13:41 Erberderber – That’s What
16:39 ΔLLICØRN -  Savior - NEW
21:44 Drawdy Clan – White Boy Summer - NEW
27:41 Tyto Alba – White Boy Summer - NEW
29:31 Van Morrison - Western Man – NEW 30
33:23 At the Gates - Cosmic Pessimism - NEW
38:06 We Want War - This Is The End (feat. ForNull) – NEW 40
43:34 Into the Fray – Invictus - NEW
49:38 Blackout - White Man Awake – RERELEASE 49
52:54 Duskmourn - Blood Of The Forest - NEW
59:02 Стожар - На пороге новых свершений – NEW 60
04:59 Ruadh - The Wheel - NEW
16:42 Spreegeschwader – Südtirol – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 162 – AAI 070821


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