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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 163 – AAI 072221

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Loads of Nationalist artists on the show tonight firing off sonic ordinance of the finest quality.

Alma Lahar, Sebastian Villmark and St Friendship begin with heavenly folk harmonies, followed by Aeodh’s inspirational trip hop.

Erberderber sticks with the White power rap vibes and insightful lyrics, complementing the alt-pop of Voltarol’s catchy number.

Barris brings drum and bass with fx-laden strings, while Birovious goes for a funky old school house number perfect for a summer’s afternoon.

Document Lambda pays tribute to one of his favourite video games and Antisun stays with the chiptunes and adds a dash of darksynth.

AKMV-18 tries his hand at electronic black metal and succeeds rather well, while One Million Lies take us into the metal proper with good lyrics and a catchy chorus.

Gift der Lüge command your attention with viking riffs and barked orders, before Path of the Sun urge us on with a Slayer inspired thrashout.

Helguard go for power metal melodies and gnarly basslines, contrasting with the Orthodox chants and doom metal mosh pit of unblack metallers Gospod.

Elderblood respond with full symphony orchestra and full pelt blast beats, leaving us to cleanse our ears with a final number from Halindir’s ‘Comfy’ series.

Alma Lahar, Sebastian Villmark and St Friendship – White Art Collective
Aeodh, Document Lambda, Antisun, AKMV18 – Self Released
Erberderber, Voltarol, Barris – Patriotic Alternative
One Million Lies – Midgard Records
Gift der Lüge – OPOS Records
Путь Солнца, Helguard – Xzona.su
Gospod – Vison of God Records
Elderblood – Elderblood.church
Birovius, Halindir – Soundcloud

00:57 Alma Lahar, Sebastian Villmark and St Friendship - Hail On The Road - NEW
06:37 Aeodh - Stronger Ties - NEW
10:01 Erberderber - Silent Screams - NEW
15:48 Voltarol - White-Boy Summer - NEW
18:23 Barris – Maximus - NEW
21:19 Birovius – His Word in my Heart – NEW
28:39 Document Lambda - PLOK! - NEW
32:44 Antisun – Inferno - NEW
41:58 AKMV18 – Kamlann – NEW
50:57 One Million Lies - We Are the Voice - NEW
55:14 Gift der Lüge – Disziplin - NEW
59:30 Путь Солнца - Победа Или Смерть – NEW
02:39 Helguard - Причина всех бед - NEW
06:57 Gospod - Let My People Go (Exodus 5) - NEW
11:08 Elderblood – Soot – NEW
18:00 Halindir - Comfy XX – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 163 – AAI 072221


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