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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 164 – AAI 072921

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Lots of synths and power metal, plus folk and black metal influences on this European inspired music show tonight.

Halindir begins with a cosmic space symphony before the house sounds of JD Solway wash over us from the speakers.

Mental Minority continue the soft synthwave with a melancholy flair, soon sped up by the majestic melodies and banjo plucking of Synthwave Redneck.

Heavy flanging bass with a funky drum beat heralds the entry of Unitcode: Machine followed by a sci-fi Vangelis type soundscape from Signal Void.

A monster of a trance tune from Neurowolf with a metal arrangement takes us into the rock section, with more keyboards and tight lead guitar work from power metal band Kambrium.

Helloween stay with the harmonies adding Twisted Sister style teenage rebellion lyrics, soon taken over by more lead guitar structured metal from Ursinne.

Farawisa bring a pagan influence mixed with viking chanting and plenty of time changes, before slap bass and Egyptian motifs takes us into another offering from Helguard.

Anam'kara stick with the symphonies in a track filled with regret, followed by Belarusian folk metal maestro Znich and the ethereal vocals of Rutvica on their long awaited new single.

St Friendship rounds the podcast off with a heavenly ode to being in love.

Halindir, St. Friendship – Soundcloud
JD Solway – Patriotic Arts Community
Mental Minority, Synthwave Redneck, Unitcode:Machine, NeuroWulf, Farawisa, Anam'kara, Znich  – Self Released
Signal Void – FiXT Music
Kambrian – Reaper Entertainment
Helloween – Helloween.org
Ursinne – Midgard Records
Helguard – Xzona.su

00:21 Halindir - Buubdurub - Stars and Stones - NEW
07:14 JD Solway - endless-summer - NEW
10:59 Mental Minority - Haunted Playgrounds - NEW
18:21 Synthwave Redneck – Resurrection - NEW
25:48 Unitcode: Machine - Revolution
30:41 Signal Void - Turncoat (ft. DEADLIFE) – NEW
36:16 NeuroWulf - The Void Below – NEW
40:37 Kambrium - Cybernetic Overload – NEW
46:22 Helloween – Cyanide – NEW
50:07 Ursinne - Stolt Och Stark (Ultima Thule cover) – NEW
53:17 Farawisa  - Frægð – NEW
58:07 Helguard -  Ньярлатхотеп – NEW
03:23 Anam'kara - Concrete Life – NEW
06:49 Znich - Як пушчу стралу Feat. Rutvica - NEW
12:51 St. Friendship – So in Love – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 164 – AAI 072921


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