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Parish of the Patriots: The Plan – PP 081721

Grandpa Dan breaks down the plan and highlights the stupidity of it, before talking about God’s judgement.

It’s time to gather the congregation once more for The Parish of the Patriots, the show that is supported by you the listeners, so don’t be shy, pay those tithes! You can find information on how to do that at the bottom of this page.

With the massive global agenda playing out before us it is easy to start thinking this is all inevitable, due to the multifaceted plan that we see and the media reporting on triumph after triumph of our would-be globalist masters.

However we must hold to the truth in all matters. Is this plan dangerous? Yes. Is it going to effect pretty much everyone on the planet? Yes. Are we looking at total societal collapse in the West? Of course. But the flip side of it is this is all very complicated and quite frankly stupid.

While a summary of the plan is encapsulated in the Great Reset slogan of “You’ll own nothing and be happy”, it is as though they forgot to ask the question of “Then what?”

If the rest of us own nothing, that means “they” will own everything. Yet how many “theys” are we talking about? Will everything be split up evenly among the “theys”? Is it not reasonable to assume that since the “theys” are compulsive when it comes to greed, that a massive power struggle will break out among them? How many moving parts will have to stay in tune in order for the whole plan to work out?

We’ll take a look at this whole agenda from the peanut gallery and try to figure out what is going on.

In the Christian specific segment, we’ll be discussing heaven, hell and God’s judgement as well as where we fit into all of this. Remember, the reason there is evil in the world is because men have free will. You cannot eliminate evil without eliminating free will (or ending this entire “people existing and maturing spiritually in the realm of time’’ experiment entirely). Evil exists because men choose to do evil. Evil does not exist because God wants us to suffer and over all just doesn’t like us very much. The Lord is a loving God and a part of His love is that He is just. If the Lord were not just, He would not be loving.

Bible reference will be: Luke 16:19-31

God is just and will punish those who reject him and who love wickedness. If you also reject wickedness, this should bring joy to your heart.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: The Plan – PP 081721


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