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Patriotic Weekly Review: Morgoth – PWR 080421

Morgoth joins Mark Collett and Jason Kohne for a new episode of Patriotic Weekly Review.

Mark wants to get into the loss of our rights under the Covid regime and he begins by highlighting Richard Spencer’s embracing of the lockdown and vaccines.

Morgoth reminds us that when it first happened, we thought it could cause the end of globalism with the borders needing to be closed.

Our own advisors suggested herd immunity and shielding the elderly, but the WHO and Bill Gates stepped in and their plan was implemented.

The world bank appeared and every country bar a few, were bought or blackmailed into going along with it.

Now we have lost our rights, we are being coerced into experimental gene therapy and Klaus Schwab’s great reset is the new blueprint for society.

Presented by Mark Collett and Jason Kohne

Patriotic Weekly Review: Morgoth – PWR 080421


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