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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 165 – AAI 080521

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Top quality tuneage on the show tonight, from heartfelt neofolk to banging aggrotech, we’ve got every base covered.

Halindir starts with spacey synth and brass accompanied by the spoken word of Nullus the Bard, followed by sixties flavours and Plantian singing from The Great Order.

Traumerleben come chugging along with a neofolk protest song like Rome on steroids, while Amalec and Hiraeth take a step back from the charge for a Portishead style trip-hop dub-step monster of tune.

For Null goes Coldcut on us with a quirky slice of dub bass and electro samples, leading us into the post-soviet dark electro stomp around of Sacrothorn.

Erberderber pumps himself full of fillers and does a Pete Burns impression, before Matt Hart goes hard and heavy with a smoking hot barrage of industrial beats and positive encouragement.

Lazerpunk keeps the bass bins shaking with trance overtones, leaving it to AKMV-18 to round off the electronica section with one of his best introes yet.

Baltic Storm go back to basics with a rock anthem and Septem Voices add a string section to go with their passionate female vocals.

Darkwood strip back the sound to acoustic guitar and an evocative nature-inspired chorus, followed by the pipes and lead guitar soloes of viking metal act Wolfstavar.

Sokyra Peruna play us out with an acoustic version of their crowd-pleasing ‘Heroes of my Race’.

Halindir, The Great Order, Amalec and Hiraeth For Null  – Soundcloud
Traumerlebens – Kokopelli Records
Sacrothorn, Matt Hart, Lazerpunk, AKMV-18, Wolfstavar  – Self Released
Erberderber – Patriotic Alternative
Baltic Storm – One-Eight Musik & Textilien
Septem Voices – Xzona.su
Darkwood – Heidenvolk
Sokyra Peruna – Sva Stone

01:02 Halindir - Buubdurub ft. Nullus – Home - NEW
06:45 The Great Order - Whats In Us - NEW
10:42 Traumerleben - Freiheit - NEW
16:39 Amalec and Hiraeth - The Day of Reckoning - NEW
21:59 For Null – Angle of Sound – NEW
30:47 Sacrothorn - Из Нави – NEW
34:31 Erberderber - Take Me - NEW
38:19 Matt Hart - Triolith (feat. ESA) – NEW
44:12 Lazerpunk - Neo Wick Mode [feat. Extra Terra] - NEW
48:25 AKMV-18 - Conquest in Dub Minor – NEW
54:53 Baltic Storm - Resist To Exist - NEW
58:45 Septem Voices - Будь Собой – NEW
02:52 Darkwood - The Wolf's Word
06:43 Wolfstavar  - Hymirs Versagen – NEW
13:09 Sokyra Peruna - Heroes Of My Race - NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 165 – AAI 080521


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