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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 166 – AAI 081221

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

A celebration of White musicians blessed by their ancestors with a touch of musical genius.

Buubdurub begins with frantic tom toms and sonic wizardry, morphing into minimalist electro from female producer Dizz D’ark.

For Null goes for a cheerful retro vibe similar to early Document Lambda, before we pick up the pace with a disco bassline and Eurosynth chorus from Ectoplague.

Matt Hart returns with hypnotic techno drums and shakers, while Cyberthing brings darksynth rhythms for the legions to march to.

Ursinne kickstart the metal section with native viking riffs, before passing the meadhorn to Blutlinie for similar melody laden metal.

We Want War play a polished Brainwash cover version heavy on the harmonies, before Volkish by Nature tear the place up with a Beastie Boys style metal/rap crossover.

Canvas start like the seven dwarves hi-hoing, before getting bluesy with traditional Russian folk singing in rounds, leading into the bagpipes and guitar solos of Feureschwanz.

Elderblood hit the orchestra pit like a whirling fury making full use of everything they can lay hands on before Ruadh take over, adding Celtic melodies and Druidic chants.

Znich adds Russian folk harmonising and slavpipes in a metal tribute to the Danube, leaving it to JD Solway to play us out with a classical piano piece.

Buubdurub – Soundcloud
Dizz D'ark, Ectoplague, Matt Hart, Cyberthing, Blutlinie, Feureschwanz, Znich  – Self Released
For Null – Westernkind Records
Ursinne – Midgard Records
We Want War – Tinnitus Records
Volkish by Nature – U.ltra R.echts Records
Холст – Xzona.su
Elderblood – Elderblood.church
Ruadh – Northern Silence Productions
JD Solway – Patriotic Alternative

01:00 Buubdurub - DistoDisco XXIX - NEW
05:56 Dizz D'ark -   War X - NEW
10:11 For Null - Bound to Light - NEW
14:37 Ectoplague - Malleus Malfunction
18:05 Matt Hart - Triolith (feat. ESA) - NEW
24:18 Cyberthing – Criminal Chronicles – NEW
28:04 Ursinne - Drömmen Om Lyktstolparna (Nothung cover) – NEW
31:08 Blutlinie - Land Unter – NEW
35:18 We Want War - Mayhemic Silence – NEW
41:31 Volkish by Nature -  Trommel Fell Feuer – NEW
45:44 Холст - Кинем-Бросим – NEW
49:01 Feureschwanz - Unter dem Drachenbanner – NEW
53:36 Elderblood - Fallen Seraphs – NEW
00:17 Ruadh - Fade to Grey – NEW
09:22 Znich – Дунаю – NEW
15:10 JD Solway – The End – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 166 – AAI 081221


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