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The Orthodox Nationalist: The Myth of Wall Street's Support for Hitler – TON 081821

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson investigates this old conspiracy theory trope.

One of the favorite positions of the "patriot conservative" today is that “Hitler was a Rothschild." There are many variations of this, and they're all equally nonsensical. No one denies the massive economic recovery of the Third Reich in the 1930s. That this could be done in a socialist, state-centered system while under massive sanctions is beyond their comprehension.

More importantly, the conservative's respectable life would be over if he showed even passing admiration of the Third Reich. The “Hitler was backed by Wall Street" material is cherry-picked to provide the conservative with a group of sufficiently "right wing" reasons to reject National Socialism and avoid any unpleasant comparisons in online debates.

It never works as the thesis that "Hitler was supported by the bankers" falls apart on the slightest examination.

Why would foreign big business support a man who publicly advocated nationalizing industry and raising wages?

Why support a man who wanted state controls over all aspects of foreign trade?

Why support a man with whom the world's major bankers were at war?

Why deliberately anger Britain and France by investing in 1930s Germany against their wishes? 

Why invest in a country that put strict limits on the amount of profit a foreign firm could extract?

Why invest in a system that placed foreign capital under strict state supervision?

Wouldn't Hitler's anti-Judaism be a barrier to any financial support from the west?

Why were the elite capitalists in the US the first to clamor for war in the late 1930s?

Why support any party or leader in the most chaotic political situation in European history, especially when they had far more amenable politicians to choose from?

What did Wall Street expect to gain from this in an economy that was, to say the least, unstable and opposed to foreign investment in principle?

What policy provisions of the NSDAP did big business support? The NS economic program at the time was as anti-capitalist as anyone could get.

This broadcast will attempt to dig a bit deeper into this old and careworn topic.

*The sound improves after 22 minutes

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: The Myth of Wall Street's Support for Hitler – TON 081821


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