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Parish of the Patriots: Falling For the Hype – PP 092821

Grandpa Dan talks about the government believing their own lies, before asking why God needs to save himself a remnant.

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Sometimes when people realise that pretty much everything they thought was the truth is really a lie, they will plunge off into the internet seeking more without realizing that much of what they will find is BS. This B.S. on the internet mainly serves as white noise to conceal the truth, yet the truth can still be found.

This situation of most being unable to sift through the B.S. is bad enough but we are actually faced with a much more dire situation. Those who run the government are so stuck within their own bubble that somewhere along the line, they started believing their own hype.

Yes it is bad that they constantly lie to us, but what is worse is that they have come to believe their own lies. Instead of reflecting on why it is they lost in Afghanistan, they appear to have dismissed it as just a fluke and are plunging head on towards a direct confrontation with China and/or Russia. This is a path that could potentially lead to the deaths of millions of people, yet they appear to be stepping on the accelerator.

Why? Well one of the reasons appears to be that they have come to believe their own lies.

When we read of past times of judgement in our Bibles, we see that God saves for himself a remnant of those that did not bow down to or follow the lie. This begs the question: If God is preserving to himself a remnant, then just where are all of the others going?

Of course the obvious answer is that they are going to hell. Yet this flies in the face of the modern Christian heresy that has twisted the definition of God’s love to the point of claiming that hell doesn’t even exist at all. But if hell doesn’t really exist, then why would he need to preserve to himself a remnant?

While surely the Lord is indeed loving, He is also just. How could he be just if he rewards the wicked in the same manner as the righteous? Yet the majority of the Church has cast aside God’s justice as reflected in traditional Christian teachings and have instead adopted a false religion of judeo-christianity.

There is no judeo-christ. There is but one Jesus Christ and he shall separate the thorns from the grain and the thorns will be cast into the fire.

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Presented by Grandpa Dan

Parish of the Patriots: Falling For the Hype – PP 092821


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