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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 169 – AAI 090921

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

New music from various genres that celebrates or reflects an unmistakable European spirit.

Birovius begins with latin percussion, funky bass and an end of summer vibe, followed by Mojave’s cheerful garage grooves and falsetto samples.

Runa and Rebellin go for slow swing beat and a fifties feel, before the season turns for Voltarol’s harmonising and eighties synths.

Dizz D’ark’s minimal industrial brings us into the synthwave section and For Null tries his hand at techno adding layers of sound over a hypnotic kick drum.

Empyres bring us back to the dystopia with a dark electro soundscape, before Inspira’s rock and electronica soundclash leads us into the metal section.

WarKings light up the sky with chunky riffs and inspirational lyrics followed by the mercurial vocals and guitar wizardry of Imminent Reign.

Mistreat keep the optimism flowing with a Who influence, contrasting with the chiming blur of Infected’s death metal bass riffs.

Viking metal next from Wulfgar and a hymn to Tho,r before Windfaerer go post black metal on us, adding violins and folk motifs.

Alma Lahar finishes up psychedelic style for a change.

Birovius – Birovian Perspective
Mojave – Soundcloud
Runa and Rebellin – Sub Version Production
Voltarol – Patriotic Arts Community
Dizz D’ark, Imminent Reign – Self Released
For Null, Alma Lahar – Soundcloud
Empyres – Insane Records
Inspira – Wastix Records
WarKings – Napalm Records
Mistreat – Midgard Records
Infected – Xzona.su
Wulfgar – Downfall Records
Windfaerer – Avante Gard Music

00:59 Birovius – Nomad - NEW
10:27 Mojave - Do It - NEW
13:54 Runa and Rebellin - Ein Kind - NEW
17:34 Voltarol - Fourteen Words - NEW
21:31 Dizz D'Ark - Malapert - NEW
26:07 For Null - Your Muted - NEW
30:47 Empyres - The Sirens Call (Nova State Machine Charred Bones Remix) - NEW
36:16 Inspira & FoxyFly - Pure Fire – NEW
40:53 WarKings - We Are the Fire – NEW
44:40 Imminent Reign – A New Dawn is Rising – NEW
52:04 Mistreat - Bound For Glory – NEW
54:52 Infected - Unrightful Incarceration – NEW
57:55 Wulfgar - The Thunder Bares His Name – NEW
03:42 Windfaerer - Longing to Ascend – NEW
14:43 Alma Lahar - Mandala Girl – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 169 – AAI 090921


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Artwork by The PatriArt

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