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The Orthodox Nationalist: Britain's Misrepresentation of the Falklands War – TON 090821

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson takes a closer look at the Falklands conflict and finds obfuscation over British losses and no real reason for the surrender.

In the late Spring of 1982, the UK and Argentina went to war over the Falkland Islands. The archipelago is claimed by Argentina but ruled by Britain. Argentina possessed, at the time, a first-class military.

Americans, in their shocking ignorance, believe Argentina is “third world” because they speak Spanish and are far away. Argentina is a European nation, so the war was a fairly well matched conflict, especially as the UK was itself heading towards third world status.

On paper, the UK was soundly defeated, but it was the Argentinians who surrendered. The British, in the words of its own commanders, were a week away from being totally exhausted. Like in most wars, the British have lied about its casualties, making these figures a state secret until 2072.

So why did Argentina give up? Why does the press refer to this as a “British victory?” Why are the casualty figures so secret? Why did Argentina surrender despite inflicting crushing damage to the British task force? Why did they give up despite only suffering light losses?

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Britain's Misrepresentation of the Falklands War – TON 090821


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