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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 174 – AAI 101421

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

A podcast dedicated to appreciating the European spirit as it makes itself known in the musical sphere.

AKMV-18 starts with a new remix of an older tune showing Chemical Brothers influences, followed by gothic guitars, new wave beats and dark electro vocals from Skren.

Perturbator stay with the menacing post punk vibes in another remix, before Gost close the indie section with gothic vocals and a new romantic feel.

NeuroWulf gets the vocoder going with a trance backing track, preparing us for the smouldering, primal techno of Matthew Creed.

Anima Hereticae start the metal section with bombastic brass and move into victorious strings, before Men in Metal power up their axes for a tribute to the forests of Siberia.

Vehemence commence with an absolute killer of a hookline and a chorus reminiscent of Nordglanz’ Valkyria, until Svarga’s accordions and viola slow the pace for a while.

Velesar go absolutely wild with trad Polish instruments and jaw dropping harmonies, followed by symphonic metal with Alkonost style singing from Alexandra Maltseva.

Metsatöll get back into the blast beats adding traditional Estonian harmonising, leaving it up to For Null to play us out with neofolk and a cheery chorus to finish.

AKMV-I8, Skren, NeuroWulf, Anima Hereticae, Velesar – Self Released
Perturbator – Blood Music
Gost – Century Media Records
Matthew Creed – Alfa Matrix
Мужчины В Металле, Сварга  – xzona.su
Rage – Chaos Reigns
For Null – Soundcloud
Vehemence, Александра Мальцева, Metsatöll – Hammerstorm

01:06 AKMV-18 - Wanderlust (Slowed and Reverbed) - NEW
08:10 Skren – Klar - NEW
12:47 Perturbator - Excess (HEALTH cover) - NEW
17:31 Gost - November is Death (feat. Bitchcraft) - NEW
22:07 NeuroWulf – Tessera - NEW
26:38 Matthew Creed - My Church - NEW
33:35 Anima Hereticae - Ov Behest - NEW
40:16 Мужчины В Металле – Сибирь – NEW
44:26 Vehemence - Épopée - Par Le Sang Versé
54:03 Сварга – Смерть – NEW
59:37 Velesar - Szczodre Gody – NEW
05:49 Александра Мальцева - Путь Домой
10:37 Metsatöll -  Metsaviha 5
15:03 For Null - Old Path – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 174 – AAI 101421


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