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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 175 – AAI 102121

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

Music with a European aesthetic to inspire you and make you proud of your ethnicity.

Dynatron begin with mid-paced Jean-Michel Jarre influenced darksynth, followed by a drum and bass/metal crossover from Inspira and polished retro happy-vibes from Scandroid.

Hollywood Burns sound like the amusement arcade machines got together and formed a band, while Abstract Void take the triumphant chord progressions from blackgaze and mix them up with Xurious style synths.

Blutlinie kick off the metal section with thrash guitars and a melodic chorus, leading us into more vocal-led dissident rock from One Million Lies.

Bronson stay with the hi-energy and harmonies, contrasting with the changing time signatures and more technical sounding metal of Feindnah.

Pharos go full on with bass twanging hardcore, finishing up the RAC section with Trezvyy Zaryad’s precision beats and chainsaw riffs topped with Russian voice.

Ulfhednar beach their ships on the coast with acoustic guitar and a rousing viking chorus, followed by the piano trills and victorious lead guitars of Paydretz.

Vanja Gvozdanovic raises the troops to battle with triumphant brass and manic fret work, leaving it to Ewiger Sturm to play us out with a beautiful emotional ballad to finish.

Dynatron, Hollywood Burns – Blood Music
Inspira – Nahual Records
Scandroid – FiXT Neon
Abstract Void, Bronson, Ulfhednar, Vanja Gvozdanovic – Self Released
Blutlinie – Unofficial Release
Feindnah, Pharos, Ewiger Sturm – PC Records
Трезвый Заряд  - Xzona.su
Paydretz – Antiq Records

01:01 Dynatron - Uncertain Destiny - NEW
07:41 Inspira & D-Sabber - Our World Order
12:03 Scandroid - Purified (Extra Terra Remix) - NEW
17:41 Hollywood Burns – Saturday Night Screamer - NEW
22:05 Abstract Void - Beyond the Horizon – NEW
28:16 Blutlinie – Wappnen - NEW
32:43 One Million Lies - State Full Of Traitors - NEW
36:27 Bronson – Impero – NEW
40:34 Feindnah – Avantgarde - NEW
45:08 Pharos - P.A.N.Z.E.R. - NEW
49:54 Трезвый Заряд – Дистопия – NEW
53:46 Ulfhednar - Wolves Ov Vinland - NEW
01:20 Paydretz - La fin du rêve – NEW
09:47 Vanja Gvozdanovic -  Blaspheming a Blasphemous Legion Into Funeral Kingdoms Beneath an Unholy Scream And Funeral Woods – NEW
18:26 Ewiger Sturm - Europa Steigt Empor

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 175 – AAI 102121


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