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Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 176 – AAI 102821

Use of music does not imply endorsement by the musicians of our views, or us of theirs

New music from the various alternative scenes that Europeans created and still nurture.

Mental Minority begins with a warm synth glow, before Mythical Vigilante cuts the mid-range and adds some bounce to proceedings.

Tommy ‘86 relive the wild nights of the nineties, while Revizia slows the pace and adds some menace to the beats.

Blakaut turn up the speed dial with industrial influences and Cyberthing blends John Carpenter horror, with hard edged compression distortion.

NeuroWulf goes for expanding instrumental trance with a warehouse feel, before Ravenous get energetic with symphonic metal full of vocal harmonies and dramatic soloes.

Erberder gets rough and ready with a nod to Placebo, while Synaxaria get ambitious with the arrangements and a love song for the beauty in their part of Europe.

Death metal next from Towards the Throne with a string section perfectly complimenting the lead guitar and Ashes of Yggdrasil following, with viking rhythms and vocals from beyond the grave.

Hulkoff adds some class with staccato riffs and sea shanty chorus, leaving it up to Entelecheia to finish with an acoustic ballad and Russian folk singing.

Mental Minority, Mythical Vigilante, Blakaut, NeuroWulf, Synaxaria, Ashes of Yggdrasil – Self Released
Tommy ‘86, Revizia, Cyberthing  – Soundcloud
Ravenous – Feast Beast Records
Erberderber – Patriotic Alternative
Toward the Throne – Metal East Productions
Hulkoff - Faravid Recordings
Entelecheia – xzona.su

01:00 Mental Minority - One Light in a Million - NEW
06:53 Mythical Vigilante - Sunrise Sphere - NEW
11:06 Tommy ‘86 – Imminent Launch - NEW
14:50 Revizia – NWWRLD
19:51 Blakaut – Ενδοστρέφεια - NEW
23:20 Cyberthing - October Massacre - NEW
28:03 NeuroWulf – Visage – NEW
33:59 Ravenous - ...Of Beasts & Faust (feat. Vincent Jones) - NEW
44:02 Erberderber – Extreme - NEW
47:50 Synaxaria - The Arian Castle - NEW
54:23 Toward the Throne - The Inevitable Trail of the Fall – NEW
01:27 Ashes of Yggdrasil - To the Victorious Few – NEW
08:17 Hulkoff - FNFAL (Vinland Edition) - NEW
13:01 Entelecheia - Корабль плывет из Арконы – NEW

Presented by Sven Longshanks

Sven Longshanks: Audio Insurgency 176 – AAI 102821


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