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The Daily Nationalist: Prevent Review Admits Failure – DN 102621

Sven Longshanks discusses the results of a review into the Prevent counter-terrorism strategy.

The review highlights the fact Islamic extremism presents a far greater threat than the ‘far right’, with Islamic extremists killing 36 people since 2017 and an alleged far right terrorist killing one.

Yet all the resources and all the talk has been centred on the ‘far right’ with disproportionately more referrals than Islamic extremists.

The fault for this lies with claims of Islamophobia being made and left wing activists within the organisation itself.

Besides this, once Prevent does get involved with a ‘far right’ extremist, they present them with no positive ethnocentric alternative, as they claim all of us are extremists.

This can be contrasted with Islam, which has plenty of representatives involved in the process and a number of approved Islamic organisations for the young men or women to join.

Presented by Sven Longshanks

The Daily Nationalist: Prevent Review Admits Failure – DN 102621


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