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The Orthodox Nationalist: Pre-Christian Byzantium I – TON 101321

Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson looks at the area that would later become the centre of Orthodox Christianity, Constantinople.

After several weeks recovering from Covid-19, Dr. Johnson has returned at (almost) full strength with a two part series on Greek history.

An obscure part of history is that of the Black Sea states that predate the Byzantine empire of St. Constantine.

Pontus, Bithynia, Thrace and Pergamon were the four centers of the pre-Byzantine world and it is from these societies that eastern Europe built its economic base.

They are the foundations of what became the eastern Roman empire. Extremely literate, prosperous and unruly, these states and societies created the economic backdrop for the rise of the Byzantine empire of Constantine and Theodosius.

Presented by Dr Matthew Raphael Johnson

The Orthodox Nationalist: Pre-Christian Byzantium I – TON 101321


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